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Client Testimonials

Bram told me what he was going to do, and he kept his word to the letter. A courteous professional who delivers results. It was a pleasure to work with Bram, and I look forward to working with him again, and again.
Roman Anin, CMC
There are many people in real estate, but only one Bram Scolnick. His complete grasp of the commercial real estate market sets him and Alterra apart from the pack.
Michael Obraitis
Referral Source
Bram is one of the most professional and accountable real estate brokers I had the pleasure of working with. On many occasions Bram has surpassed my expectations by well over 150%. If your like me and expect nothing but the best, Bram is the Broker to work with.
Riano Schegherastein
Referral Source
Bram is not just knowledgeable but in the process becomes your best friend. I love that guy.
Zoltan Gacs
Seller & Buyer
It's a shame Facebook wasn't invented when Bram Leland Scolnick & Jude went above and beyond to help Della-Marie & me find the house which quickly became our home. This awesome couple truly do make dreams come true!!
Keverne & Della-Marie McShine
Sellers & Buyers
Purchasing a home can be a great experience, but the process can become overwhelming and tiring and sometimes stressful, what can start out as a great decision making can easily turn into a challenge. But having the right person or persons to walk you thru the process, treat you like family, put your needs before their own personal gain, treat you with urgency and help you make the right decision, can be unbelievably a breath of fresh air. If any one is looking for that type of commitment from a Real Estate Broker, I HIGHLY recommend Bram Leland Scolnick and his wife Jude, not only are they committed to giving you the best possible outcome, they work together with the most dedicated, experienced and motivated team, from Mortgage brokers to Inspectors, to lawyers everything needed from Starting to Closing. I have recommended others to Bram and Jude and I can safely say, they share the same experience. If anyone of my FB peeps are interested or knows anyone who is, just call, text or inbox me and I will gladly provide you with their information.
Vidia & Sean Foster


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